Sunday, 18 May 2014

How Email works?

Email stands for Electronic mail. Email has become the basic means of communication of information on the web. Through Email, one can send and receive text messages with attached files.  In this article , we deal with the general Working of an Email
Email is composed usually using two methods : 1 : Through Browser . 2 : By Using Email Client such as Outlook , Thunderbird , Evolution etc.

Email through Browser :
User composes his mail in the browser by visiting the Email service providers websites such as gmail ,Ymail, hotmail etc and also provides the email-id of the receiver. Whenever he/she compiles the message and sends it . The message is sent to the Email server of respective Email service provider using SMTP (Simple Message transport protocol) protocol using port no 25. This email message is further routed across several email servers before it reaches the receivers email server. The receiver then connects to this email server and pulls the message from the email server using POP (Post Office Protocol) through port no 110. In a similar manner whenever receiver replies back the sender with a message ,the email is sent using SMTP and received using POP protocol.

Email through Email Clients :
The working of an email is same with Email Clients as that with Browsers except that the message is pulled and stored locally by the email client for browsing the messages offline.
Sometimes IMAP(Internet Message access protocol) is also used for pulling messages from the email server.
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